Journal 02 - Our Gear (Tech Shirts)


So, after a year or so with our organic Cotton and a few accessories it was time to move into the active wear/technical market! This isn’t something we were willing to jump into! The product had to be right, be as environmentally friendly as possible at its core and the production had the follow the same ethos!


Our research process started in January, all we had was an idea and we took it from there! The process was relatively simple, albeit a little convoluted! We picked 5 individuals, these 5 are active hikers and climbers and who’s opinion we trust!

Having found these 5 our next step was to find the product we desired, a few claims of environmentally sound polyester fell by the wayside, when it was near on impossible to create environmentally friendly polyester!

It was almost by chance we stumbled across the shirts we use today!

The shirts themselves are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles! You read that right! In a natural resource neutral factory! This all sounded too good to be true so we had to test it out! The shirts initially are super soft and absorb sweat really well! This isn’t just the first impression either, our test shirt has really been put through the ringer and after countless washes it still retains just as soft The base shirt was set! Now how were we going to get these printed in a sustainable way?

Our technical shirts are heat pressed vinyl, the vinyl itself is made up of discarded vinyl so it’s recycled, the off cuts we then send back to the manufacturer to produce more! Although this isn’t entirely as eco friendly as we’d like it’s a great step forward!

We’re beyond proud of these, not only has months of research and development paid off, they’ve enabled us to create a new useful product that’s kind to our planet!


We compliment the hard work of the shirt by shipping all our products in recycled cardboard which is then widely recycled in the UK! The tape surrounding the boxes dissolves in water over time, So they’re perfect for shipping things and not harming the environment after!

Here’s some solid facts about the shirt
Weight: 140 gsm

Material: 100% recycled polyester

Textured Birdseye knit

fashion fit ribbed collar

taped neck

Side seams

twin needle sleeves and unbranded size label at neckline

thanks for taking the time to read about our proudest product yet! These have been selling very well and will remain on the store for a long time.