Not The Safe Route was created with a love for the outdoors at its core. From a very young age growing up in the countryside, the small childhood wonderment of the outdoors evolved through exploring what nature has to offer and pushing yourself to the limits! We have a big passion for hiking, camping, climbing, and anything that keeps us outside for an extended period.


Everything we sell is produced in the UK with a fair trade policy, from the cotton we use to the suppliers and packaging for orders we need to protect the environment we all love so much, so as a small business we are currently aiming for 100% sustainability through our products and suppliers in 2024.


We don’t just care about the environment, we are always looking for more charitable projects to help with, if you think we would be of help please email [email protected]


Not The Safe Route was conceived in 2015 but really pushed itself and perfected its brand in 2019 and continues to find wonderment in the unknown.

in 2023 we shortened our name to allow for a little more growth. We will always be Not The Safe Route. But for now, we will also mainly be referred to as 'Route'